What if I have problems ordering?

Common reasons for problems when pressing the order button are;

i) You are using an old browser that doesn't support SSL encryption.

ii) You are browsing from behind a corporate firewall that will not allow secure connections. Speak to the system administrator at your office. They will either rectify the problem or you will have to order from another location.

To check, point your browser to https://www.microsoft.com/ if you cannot connect to the Microsoft secure server it is likely that one of the above faults apply. If you are able to connect to Microsoft please call our hotline number and report the fault to us. We will assist you if we can.

What if I do not receive my goods?

Please wait 3-5 days if you are in the UK or 7-10 days if you are overseas. If you do not receive your goods after this period of time, please contact us on 01606 302755 or at info@whiteribbonboutique.co.uk  with your order number to hand. 

This number will be included in the e-mail you received when you ordered the goods from our shop. We will strive to resolve the issue immediately.

When is my credit card debited?

Your card will be debited at the time of order.  If you wish to change your order, items will be refunded and a new order will be required.

What is Klarna?

To learn more about our payment system, Klarna. You can read our FAQ here.

What happens if my card authorisation fails?

If the authorisation fails, the most likely explanation is that you have input your card details incorrectly. If this happens, press the back button on your browser and you will be returned to the card input page. Check that all the details are correct, and make any changes necessary before proceeding. If all the details are correct and you still fail to get an authorisation then we advise that you contact your card issuer to establish why your card was not authorised. We will receive your order anyway and may contact you to arrange for alternative methods of payment.

What risks are involved in buying online?

All personal data, including your card number is transmitted over secure connections, meaning that no-one can 'eavesdrop' and capture your details. In addition to this, your card details are not viewable by us at all, they are simply transmitted over the bank's private X25 network for authorisation and payment transactions. You are protected because the transaction was carried out as 'Cardholder not present.' This means that any payments will be refunded to your card should it be used fraudulently by someone else or you do not receive what you ordered.

How do I sign up to the Loyalty Program points system?

All of our signed up customers are automatically enrolled into the points system, meaning you can start collecting points on your very next order. To find out more about our loyalty programme We have attached the link below:

Find out more about our Loyalty Program

Why aren't my points aren’t showing on my account?

Points are gathered from purchases and will stay on record under ‘My account’ then ‘Reward points’.

Giving you insight into how many points you have gained from each order. However these points are called loyalty points for a reason, these points will show up 28 days after purchase in line with our returns and are something you will gradually build up over time giving you something back in the long term for your loyalty to our small independent business.

Has the free delivery margin changed?

With the addition of our new points system and our delivery price being reduced from £3.95 to £2.50 we have now changed the free delivery margin to any orders £65+